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Lips are an important part of facial beauty.  These can be created using material naturally found in the body. A simple, safe, temporary dermal filler treatment can add volume and definition which can enhance small, thin lips. The procedure can also balance out asymmetric lips or reduce the appearance of those fine, vertical lines.

Lip Enhancement Treatment for Fuller Lips

If you’ve been thinking about enhancing your natural lip, then a service at Northern Cosmetic could be your best choice. Results from fillers last much longer than treatments or lip plumping creams you find at the chemist, so the cost is well worth it.

Which part of the lip can be enhanced?

Lip enhancement can be performed at many different areas of the lips:

  • Vermilion border or lip outline – for creating definition, width and improve lipstick bleeding lines
  • Lip augmentation targeting the fleshy part of the upper and lower lip – for volume, pout and fullness
  • Cupids bow definition – adds definition and contouring
  • Oral commissures or lines going down from the sides of the mouth – for a younger and happy look
  • Marionette lines (sad lines from corner of lips downward) – also known as puppet lines
  • Philtrum ridges that go from the upper lip towards the nose can be made more defined
  • Perioral lines or fine vertical lines often due to smoking on the upper lip can be reduced

The results are immediate and last from 6-12 months. As the results are relatively temporary, adjustments can be made as your face changes over time and you will always retain a natural look.

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